We are committed to serving our GoEastLansing Tenants
so they have an outstanding experience in East Lansing.

Utility Account Set-Up
  • Please complete the following with each utility company prior to Move-In:
    1. 1.) Call each utility and request for start of service as your first day of your lease.
    2. 2.) Each Utility Account will be in one person's name.
    5-Digit Verification Code is required for possession of keys to the house. Please e-mail us this number prior to move-in date.
  • Utility Company Phone Numbers:
  • Board of Water & Light-BWL (Electricity):
    517-702-6006 / 1-800-493-8009
  • Consumer's Energy (Gas):
  • City of East Lansing Water Dept (Water):
  • A City of East Lansing Water Escrow Bill will be generated the first business day of your lease and is due 7-10 days after the bill is generated.
  • The City holds this escrow payment, takes the Final Water Bill Amount from the escrow and refunds the balance to you at the end of your lease term.
  • Please remember if using phone/internet/cable service (such as Comcast/AT&T/dishNetwork) any damages to the house during installation are your responsibility.
Move-In/ Move-Out Info
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Parking Log
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Fire Safety Forms
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Party Smart Form
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Neighborhood Resources
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